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dearest n : a beloved person; used as terms of endearment [syn: beloved, dear, loved one, honey, love]

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From dear + -est, superlative-forming suffix.



  1. superlative of dear


superlative of dear


  • So I, made lame by fortune's dearest spite, / Take all my comfort of thy worth and truth. — William Shakespeare, Sonnet XXXVII


  1. A beloved person; a term of endearment.


a beloved person; a term of endearment

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"Dearest" is the 24th single released by Ayumi Hamasaki. It was released September 27, 2001. It is featured on the Best of InuYasha Soundtrack. It was the 3rd Ending Theme of the anime series InuYasha.

Commercial endorsment

The song was used in a TV ad for the TU-KA TS11 mobile phone featuring Ayu herself.

Track listing

  1. Dearest – 5:33
  2. Dearest (Depth Nostalgic windmix)
  3. Never Ever (Jonathan Peters Radio Mix)
  4. Dearest (Energized Mix)
  5. Dearest (Huge 20011002 mix)
  6. Endless sorrow (Hex Hector Main Radio Mix)
  7. Dearest (Laugh & Peace Mix)
  8. Dearest (Fresh energy Mix)
  9. M (Johnny Vicious Radio Vox)
  10. Dearest (Instrumental) – 5:33
  11. Dearest (Acoustic Piano Version)


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